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Films Do Affect Our Thinking!!!

Bada Mouth


I have no idea why Indian mass think Film industry or any other Entertainment Industry is made only for Illiterates and vagrants. And I am not making this statement for the shake of Controversy, it is my personal experience. If you try to do anything other than normal studies, you are a vagrant. India has an amazing demographic structure, despite of different religion, language we all have one thing in common and that is our taste for entertainment. The major entertainments for most of the Indians are cricket and Films.


But as I have written in my previous article that Indian films lack quality in every department. If we see old photographs of our parents we can notice they wore bellbottoms and large collar shirts. What made them to wear those cloths; of course their clothing sense was inspired by their favourite films stars. Films affect the mentality and behaviour of audiences. Our clothing sense, Hairstyle, walking style, talking style is inspired from our favourite Film stars. Than how can we deny that our behaviour and thinking is not affected by films we watch?


And this may be reason for having made only films based on Love stories or Romance. In India it is very difficult to find a movie where we have to use even a small cell of brain. However recently some of good Directors are making really good movies and are surprisingly making movies based on original scripts!


I hope the scenario will change in India and the Indian Middle class will accept the mainstream entertainment Industry as a professional Industry.


Anyhow I may be wrong about my perception of Indian Films or any other Films as my test may not be same as yours. Have a Good day!!!