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Steps To Post Articles In Tikshare

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Though Posting Article in Tikshare is very simple. But we keep getting mails regarding how to upload an article in Tikshare. For the convenience of Users we are posting the steps to post articles in Tikshare.   


Click on Register if you are not already registered.

Click on Register or Login



Click on login if you are already registered.


Fill the boxes and upload image


Once you are registered, you can login with your Mail ID(user id) and password.


Type your mail id and password and click on login


After login, click on Post Article

Type the Title of Post

Select main category

Select sub category

Write a short description about your article(You can copy and paste the first few lines of your article in this box.)

In the main Text area type or article and submit.


Type Title Select Category and type and submit the article



Write if you find any difficulty in Posting the Article.

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Hi the site design has changed significantly after this post. However the basic things remains same. So still these steps are applicable.


Vedanta Deshika


184 total registered users and 892 FB likes . But no of views for thiis great post is 2324 views. Amazing and hats off to you.