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Low Price Scanner - MakkhiChoose

Prabhakar D


Indian shopping arena is witnessing a significant change in the attitude of the shopper's , in the past shopper's use to throng shops for their purchases , but in the recent times the trend is shifting towards Online - thanks to the arrival of numerous sites .

There are so many sites which does business online , like wise there is a heavy competition among them which is good to shopper's like us , but the trouble for us is finding the best price for the product we are searching , it's a difficult process to search  each & every e-commerce site to find the best price , you may try the one you know , but some x & y may be offering a better price with out your knowledge , so ultimatley we may loose on our end , moreover you can't search all the sites every time you make an online purchase .

In order to over come this nightmare there is new tool or add-on called MakkhiChoose  for google chrome browser , when ever you are searching for some thing , this tool does the work for us in background & intimates us with best possible price for a particular product we are searching  & most of the times it's working picture perfectly ( at times it may miss - but the developer will refine product once more & more user's uses it  ) needless to say this tool is developed by a computational neuro scientist named Sai Gaddam

For time being this tool is available only for chrome browser - but that won't be a issue since almost every one of us is using chrome

A detailed video of how to use this tool is been uploaded by the developer & i'm here with linking the link to download the tool

Hope Every one of you will like the tool & it will immensly benefit your online purchases & do intimate other reader's of this forum if there is any other better alternative for MakkhiChoose





Prabhakar D


Zizo ali what you are trying to express i couldn't understand ?


Rahul Rai


He is a spammer. Bloody spoiling the site. Admin need to block it.


Sai Gaddam


Hi Prabhakar! Thanks for the thoughtful write-up and glowing review. This made our day :) I would like to add that MakkhiChoose is now available on firefox. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/makkhichoose/ The MakkhiChoose website http://www.makkhichoose.com automatically detects the browser and takes the user to the relevant page. Cheers!