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Basic productivity apps

Girish  Shivakumar


1.Apple Reminders

This preinstalled app on iphone/ipad/ipod touch is one of the basic tools of productivity for you to get started.

It comes with in built to do and completed lists and allows users to add multiple lists. It can help you with alarms and sync easily with your calendar.


Alternate on android: Tasks (However if you love ios reminders you can sync them from icloud onto your android devices).


A popular app on ios/Android platforms that helps you create tasks, store anything on the web (note anything) , set reminders and even collaborate with others on your projects.

Remember there is a premium version of this available with extra cloud back up of your data, security and more collaboration. There are also a host of other premium apps from the company that come free with the premium product.


3. Wunderlist

An app that is simple as ios reminders and available on android/ios platforms and for all devices from smart phones to tablets. Lets you create multiple list of tasks or projects to do and is wonderful in syncing with the cloud(premium product). The free version is very useful for daily activities and the best part is you dont get annoying reminder sounds (if you dont like sounds) when your tasks are due. 

Simplicity is the best way to describe this app. A good one to begin with.


4. Pocket

Thanks to mobile browsers you would probably find 100 interesting pages to read on the web. You would probably miss out on interesting pages when you are travelling or held up with an important task. Pocket comes to your rescue. Installing the app which is available on both ios and android platforms you can store any web link that you would read later.

A must have simple app for tracking web pages, but once you are used to it, you can probably progress to evernote that does much more. (Safari browser users can try the reading list option on address bar)

5. Simple Mind

Apps on mind maps are very popular among people who are used to write a process flow for evey task. You can add image and multiple colours in this app.

However like other mind map apps the premium version has more features. The free version is good to begin with.

6. White Noise

A really interesting app. A good night sleep is the best secret for productivity during the day. External disturbances can be a nightmare but we might like the odd rattling of the trees or the sound from fans. This app is designed for users who are used to a mild noise during night times.

If you more interested to track your sleep and ensure you have the perfect sleep every night

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