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Does people take foul mouth Digvijay Singh seriously

Bada Mouth


Do people rally take Digvijay Singh seriously?

I mean if you hear him most of the time what he speak is completely irrelevant.  He has created a benchmark for boot-lickers. Often he is seen as a person who is holding his position in congress party only by his Boot-Licking talent.

In one of his speech in a rally he said toucnh-Maal for one of the congress leader(though that congress leader is another follower of his talent). The youtube video is also available to prove it.

He has broken all records of false claims, and he was the one who said Batla House encounters were fake. His alligations of Batla House encounter would hurted the feeling of many defence authorities.

It is because of these kind of politicians that Indian Defence authorities have to think twice before doing anything.

He is biggest ctic of Narendra Modi, though Modi have given him replies many time with correct facts and in this video he is seen defeated in arguements and i believe he will never have an one to one debate with Modi ever.

What you think of this foul mouth and boot-licker politician Digvijay Singh? (Note: i am note supporter of any party but i like Modi because of his straight forward thinking and his achievements)

Also i would like to add that Digvijay Singh most srewed politician i have ever seen after Arjun Singh(He was guru of Diggi). Digvijay Singh 10 years retirement from Madhya Pradesh politics after his defeat. He was Chief minister of MP for 10 years and was thrown by Shivraj Singh chauhan.