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Which is the best Indian News channel ABP,AAJtak,NDTV,other

Prakash mehta


What you think which is the best news channel in India?

The list of various english and Hindi news channels is here. Which you think is the best news channel and why?

Major Hindi news channels:

  1. AAj Tak by Indiatoday network
  2. ABP News owned by ABP Group
  3. Zee news by Zee network
  4. NDTV India by New Delhi Television Ltd
  5. India TV owned by Rajat Sharma
  6. IBN-7 by TV 18 network
  7. Others

Major English news channels

  1. NDTV 24x7
  2. Headlines Today
  3. Times Now
  4. CNN IBN

And also would like to include DD NEWS in list.

Also below is a report by Business Standard regarding market share of different news channels in India.

Report by business-standard regarding market share and top 20 news channels in India.

Bada Mouth


Look at the report by business stadard, IndiaTV is in top list.

Seriously India is facing mental trauma. Cant believe but India is filled with people like Digvijay Singh and his followers.

India TV is actually a spoof channel. It should be categorised under entertainment category rather than news channels.

I in perticular dont like any channel, all channels are TRP hungry and air whaterver can increase their TRP.

And why NDTV is even in list, after radia and Barkha Dutt case.


My vote goes to IndiaTV, because it started the Breaking News trend in India. But seriously are we suppose to like any of these useless channels.


CA Pulkit Sharma


Best hindi news channel? I would say none. All our hindi news channels show only three news:

  1. Politics
  2. Cricket
  3. Bollywood

The news channels seems to have no other news than Arvind Kejriwal and AAP. Are the hindi news channels watched by Delhi alone, what about other states and country.

For me, if we consider News readers than NDTV tops the list. I personally like Ravish Kumar for his presentation skills.


Himanshu Bindal


this is fake and has been made by taking money donot belive on the report

SUDARSHAN news hold the 5th rank in indian media


Karthik Raman


Sudarshan TV is the only and only good channel. Suresh Chavanke is a leader & hero in my eyes.

Great job.


Shippu Ds


Only Hindi News channel without any favour is Zee News and India TV. and NTDV favours congress or Left parties. because NDTV owner's wife is the sister of Left party member, so there are political relations, so as Aaj Tak.

For English news channel its only Times Now.




CA Pulkit Sharma


I have a different opinion, Zee news is trying to rebuild its lost image. Remeber 100 crore asked for not telecasting a news, they are just acting to show a clean image.

NDTV is though leftist, agreed.


CA Pulkit Sharma


I will say watch DD News, DD news is only channel doing journalism, others are all TRP hunger. However others may try to become DD News, if DD News gets more viewers.