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Our prime minister Narendra Modi is trying to woo the media in publicising his work. He is a leader who is very simple and believes in decentralising the adminsitration of our nation. He believes that reaching out to the rural youth is the key towards achieving growth and development in our nation. He initiated the programm known as the "Mann Ki Baat" which encouraged him to connect to large segment of the people through radio which is a powerful media of communication. Radio is not able to enjoy a growth which is experienced by Televison, Newspaper, Online sites and other media formats. To make the matters worse, there has been no radio stations set up in other parts of India in the past ten years. The only government who has used the power of radio to a great extent is the Modi government.

Radio is one of the major media of entertainment and all that is required is two cells and a radio set. The cost of obtaining a radio is very smaller than travelling to the nearby city. The new government has stressed on the fact that approx 1000 radio station would be established in many parts of India to bring lot of people under its influence. Since 2011 various steps has been taken in this direction to set up the radio station. The Information and Broadcasting ministry has stated that all the auctions would be completed by the end of February 2015, exactly a month before the current license expires.

Mann ki Baat is one of the innovative programme undertaken by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Damodardas Modi, to showcase the work his government has done in the last 100 days. It is an open forum which he has used to improve various segments in our economy like politics, finance, transport, retail, sports and others. In many national seminars and conferences he has stressed on the need to make the bureaucts accountable and respond to the people's need immediately. He has also gone ahead and given his mobile number to the people to reach him directly to raise their queries.