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Heatwave of India - Whats the reason and when will it end

Rakesh Bharadwaj


The highest temperature recorded on Wednesday reached  47 degrees celsius in Jharkhand and Odisha.

The loss is devastating. More than 2000 people have already died due to sun stroke.

India is subject to Loo winds, hot & dry westerly gusts from Pakistan and northwest India. This dries out the region. Climate change is also a reason. The air moisture or alos know as dew point, is low. Dry heat is more during pre monsoon season. This heat wave can end only after monsoon starts this weekend. 

Rahul Rai


If you see the number of deaths, Andhra and Telangana are on top with more than 1400 deaths due to heat.

North India is normally hot during summer and temperature goes upto 48 degrees but this time it came before usual time. North India can handle this heatwave.

But its first time we are seeing such a high temperature in southern part of India. People in South India usually dont see such high temprature and this heatwave came as a shock to them and taking life of many.

I think it will continue till we see rains in Pakistan and Rajasthan border.