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Innovative job portal from an Indian firm lookbeyondresumes

Rahul Rai


In India, its hard to find something innovative. India is famous for JUGAAD but when it comes to high end products, our entrepreneurs fails.

So here is a big thing that i cam across, its LookBeyoundResume. The site seems user friendly and promise a big-bang in Job Portal Industry.

The theme or Usp of site is:

we use data to empower people with the power of better decision making.

I came across this site from an article in Entrepreneur magazine.

The portal is headed by Redwood Associates, the Company is managed by its founder Gautam Munshi and Pavan Bhatt.

But still we need to see what marketing stratagy they follow. And it seems the site is still not functioning as we can see a message "Till we come up with our first algorithm, good luck and keep in touch." here


Wishing a good luck to LookbeyondResumes team and hope they bring something new in this niche. is number one in the niche but not innovative to sustain.

And LookbeyondResumes have good chances of hitting success as not much innovation is seen in this niche from a long time.

CA Pulkit Sharma


Really nice to read about an Indian startup with innovative ideas.