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How to sell on Amazon

Munim Team


How to sell on Amazon?

Amazon India is one of the top online sale platform in India backed my In this article we look at how to sell on Amazon India and the process for becoming an Amazon India Partner.

To become a seller on Amazon India, visit the Amazon India Seller Signup page and click on the register now button to start the registration process. During the registration process, the Business Entity name, Address and Phone number must be provided. The following process in required for registration of sale on Amazon.

Business Entity Name

It is highly recommended that selling on any online ecommerce portal is done through a Limited Liability Partnership or Private Limited Company, as these entities are easy to start and provide limited liability partnership. While selling through online portals, the promoter is liable to the customers/vendors therefore it is important to have limited liability protection. If you are selling through a registered business entity (LLP or Company) then enter the entity name here, else the name of the proprietor.

Address and Phone Number

Provide the registered office address or address of the place of business in the place provided.

VAT or CST Registration Information

For sellers selling books and other products that are not covered under VAT, VAT Registration is not required. For other sellers selling any product for which VAT is applicable must furnish VAT and CST number to start selling on Amazon India.

Bank Account Information

The following information pertaining to the bank account of the business must be provided to Amazon India to complete the Amazon India partner registration process:

  • Account holder name
  • Bank IFSC Code
  • Bank Account Number
  • Account type

Once the above information is furnished to Amazon India and a mandatory Amazon partner Quiz is completed, you can begin selling on Amazon India.

C M Jeevan



I have just started an entity in home setup as a part time. As of now I dont have any entity setup , employess and also sales not more than 5k per month. Is it mandatory for me to register in VAT to sell in Amazon. If yes. what will be fee in Bengaluru, Karnataka and Procedure.


I heard like VAT registration requires office setup during inspection.


Please recommend what best suits me to start ecommerce.





Rahul Rai


Hi Jeevan,

If you sell on Amazon, you need to take VAT registration. Reason being that you never know from where you get buyer.

The minimum limit is only if your sell within Karnataka, but you will be selling out of Karnataka also through Amazon.

You need to have a commercial space to get VAT registration and yes inspector will come for inspection.


C M Jeevan


Thank you very much Rahul


Deepika Yadav


Yes,Rahut you are right VAT registration is really important to sell on Amazon.