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Should India gradually privatize Public Sector Undertakings

Prakash mehta


India as a country follows mixed Economy. And this type of policy have certain advantages and disadvantages.

The main disadvantage is Monopoly of Public Sector Undertakings in certain Industries. And lack of innovation and customer services.

Dont you think Indian government should start gradually privatize the Public Sector Undertakings.

I agree that PSU operating in Defence and aerospace sectors should not be privatized, but others can be privatized.

Railway is a classical example of monopoly and worst services. Indian Government should allow private players atleast in cities. Government should allow intercity rail transport in hands of private sectors so that commutation become comfortable and pressure of private vehicles on city raods can be lowered.

Mukesh Jain CA


Privatization is required for almost all the departments like railways, roadways, taxes except defence.


CA Pulkit Sharma


India should privatize, and its doing too. Most of the dilution was due to bad financial position of Indian economy.

We have seen many dilutions, but still more to be done.

Recent dilutions were:

Hindustan coppet Ltd





Bhel and Beml are another companies those were diluted and performing very well.