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MCA-the portal for ROC filing technical issues

Rahul Rai


ROC has provided a portal MCA for filing of various forms of companies and LLP. But believe me the portal is such a useless product, it can boil your blood.

I am facing huge technical errors such as "No Digital signature attached", "Compulsory Attach DSC for DIN", "Prescrutiny errors" etc., although I have filled the forms correctly.

It is time that MCA should learn from income tax department and instead of useless PDF forms they start providing the xml schema for all forms.

Though ROC/MCA has issued XBRL codes but not for all forms.

Worst thing is no contact numbers available on site to contact, phone numbers does not work or no one answers. Online ticketing system works only for private limited companies and not for LLP.

Mails, I do not think anyone in any government department reads them.

Hopeless MCA website and more hopeless their services.

Mr. Arun Jetly if you have some time, give contract to a good agency and work on to provide a convenient system of e-filing otherwise your government's dream of E-Governance will never be fulfilled.



Very true. 

We normally face the problem of DSC. Sometimes even after signing the signature does not reflect.

Most Faced problem is JAVA. I don't know much about JAVA issues but yes dear i face even in TRACES and MCA lot of issues.