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Happiest, most prosperous and best states in India survey

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Research firm Crisil has released The Prosperity Index and the Equality Index – which measures living standards across India’s large states.

Punjab, Kerala and Gujarat tops the list. 2 out of 3 states are ruled by BJP and allied parties. And Kerala is ruled by Congress.

And top from bottom are:

  1. Andhra Pradesh
  2. Rajasthan
  3. West Bengal
  4. Odisha &
  5. Madhya Pradesh

Out of the 5 states 1 states is ruled by BJP and others are ruled by Congress, TMC and BJD.


Happiest, most prosperous and best states in India survey

Summary of the report is:

  1. Maharashtra has the highest level of real income per person
  2. Punjab ranks 7th in per-person real income, but has the highest asset ownership levels, closely followed by Kerala

  3. There is significant disparity in living standards within Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. For
    example, only 1 in every 33 households in Hyderabad doesn’t own a durable, but as high as 1 in 5
    outside Hyderabad does not have an asset. Growth in these states has been driven by financial or
    IT/ITES services that have selectively benefited the skilled workforce in the capital city, resulting in high
    disparity in living standards.

  4. Madhya Pradesh is the least prosperous state.
  5. Patna and Raipur, the capital cities of Bihar and Chhattisgarh, respectively, are the worst in terms of
    asset ownership. These cities have the highest proportion of households with none of the assets (around
    1 in 4 households) as well as the lowest proportion of households with all the assets (less than 1 in 16

Source: Crisil Report Novemnber 2013


Download the crisil report  CRISIL-Research-Insight-Prosperity-and-Equality_111113.pdf 

CA Pulkit Sharma


Great report. Its really shocking to see Rajasthan on worst states. A big percentage of Wealth of India is controlled by Rajasthanis and still the state is not Happiest, most prosperous and best state.

Its all to blame the local governments in state and corruption. Rajasthan government provides no facilities to businessmans. Due to irresponsible conduct of government most of the people set up their business out of state.