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VAT registration for

Prabhu Ram




i was doing something as a hobby and suddenly got an idea to make it as a business.

its a sports product comes under sports and hobby. after knowing the scarecity of this product,

i planed to manufacture it in my home (bangalore)  and sell it in online. to sell i need TIN number .

so how can i proceed further?

Madhu Agarwal



To obtain TIN fou have to visit the official website anf fill the foem in online mode.

Documents required:

:ID proof/Address proof/PAN card of proprietor with 4 to 6 no. of photographs.

:Address proof of business premises

:1st sale/Purchase Invoice,copy of LR/GR & payment/collection proof with bank statement


Accordingly u have to proceed further.


Ankit Bhansali


I think he is talking about TIN number issued by the vat departments, not for the TAN TDS.  For vat and CST

registration you have to visit state goverment site. like for mumbai


Click here for Proceudre to register in mumbai -