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VAT registration procedure

Illaya Pallavan



I have registered VAT through online,while filing a form i had option "Do you wish to apply for registration under the CST Act , 1956?" but i mentioned NO,hence i am going to start online web-store(Amazon,flipkart,snapdeal...etc) i need CST number mandatory.I have not paid any money till now.


What should i do...? 

Is there is possiblilty to add CST in future along with this application OR Do i need to apply for new.


Thanks in advance

Rahul Rai


VAT inspector can add the CST registration too. But I will advice you to file a fresh application, since people at VAT department are sometime funny.


Mukesh Jain CA


Inspector can add the same. He will additional application which you can fill manually. Be careful just double check with them.