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Earn from forex trading frauds, Iforex is a fraud and scam?

Bada Mouth


First look at this attractive forex ad!!!

The ad is by Iforex website, you would have seen their ads on many websites. But are these ads scam or legit? To trade forex we need to clear many approvals and permissions, but here they dont ask for anything and straight away offers you earning of $1000 in 3 days!!! Is it possible?

Internet is a good medium to discuss and share informations but also one of the biggest medium for frauds.

Nigerian mails, bank secrecy theft etc. are already discussed too much. But heard less of forex scams!

Yes these are scams and nothing else. I found a good presentation on Iforex scam here.


To remain safe in Internet world i will give one advice, Thinking of quick money is not bad but dreaming to earn quick money without using brain opens the door for frauds.

Rahul Rai


Read a lot negative about this broker. Why only this broker, lot of fraud companies are active in online market.

One has to change as per time, and people use internet for all sort of activities including shopping, work and investing. Once lured in these scams can ruin your hard earned money.

Be aware be safe!!!!


daltonsalford Dhaka


I have yet to hear any negative comments about the company yet. But personally, I would go for more reputable broker. You can easily find one as there are lot's out there.

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