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How to increase Internet Speed?

Mukesh Jain CA


How to increase the speed of internet in our computers. Is it possible by way of system clean up or is there any other possible method ?

SEO Guru


First thing to do is clean your internet temp file.

And close all automatic updates.


Sagarika Pandey


You may search and download registry and temporary files cleaner which have facility to optimize your Internet connection speed too and for your information most of these are available to download free as a trial form. Just take a help of Google and you fid a lot of such stuffs. Beware of spams and other wanted issue which may come with the trial version of such software. If you have no monetry bar then try to buy from your nearest tech shop or buy it online.


bben sharma


Many steps to increase the internet speed.


1. Download the Run speed Test.

2. Change your wi-fi channel

3. Secure your network.

4 . cleaning up your browser and operating system.



and delect the temp file.




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Mukesh Jain CA


These updates are very helpful for us.