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What is Garden Nursery?

The garden nursery is a place the plants are grown in a particular place to be transported to another place. It could be transferred to a housing area or a commercial area based on the requirements.


Features of a Good Garden Nursery in J P Nagar:

The garden nursery is coming up in order to cater to the people who love the nature and its surroundings. Approx 15 or 20 years ago, the areas in J P Nagar was full of greenery and had the widest areas under the plants. There are basically two various forms of Garden Nursery in J P Nagar and are given below as follows:

  • Ø Home Garden Nursery: The home garden nursery is that things which plants are growth as per requirements of the houses.


  • Ø Business Garden Nursery: The business garden nursery is dealing with the commercial aspects in which the plants are grown in one place and transferred to a commercial establishment.


There are certain tips for the growth of a property garden nursery in J P Nagar and are given below:

  • Ø Correct Plant: Choosing the correct plant is very vital and they must be able to grow the plants depending upon the temperature and the requirements.
  • Ø Proper Sunlight: The sunlight is vital for all the plants and outdoor areas require approx 3 or 4 hours where as the indoor areas require approx 6 or 8 hours depending on the requirements.
  • Ø Container: The container in which the plant fits is also important and presence of the plastic pots and ceramic pots is considered good for the nurturing of the plants.
  • Ø Watering: The water is one of the integral parts of the plant cultivation and helps loosening the soil.


Register of Garden Nursery in J P Nagar:

The proper fertilizer must be used in order to encourage the growth of plants. The list of the Garden Nursery is given below as follows:

  • Ø Deccan Garden Services
  • Ø Plan B Designers
  • Ø Bangalore

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