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TDS on Salaries - Excess deduction

Rakesh Bharadwaj



One of my clients is a salaried employer, who does not have a PAN. hence, his employer deducted TDS @ 20%. Now, my client has apllied for PAN and also filing the return. However, Form 26AS will not definitely show the TDS credit available on salary paid by Employer. Kindly advice how to actually get the refund now 

Rahul Rai


Even i have the doubt based on your question, How the employer filed TDS return without having the PAN of employee?

Which PAN was quoted against the 20% deduction?


Vedanta Deshika



Ask the employer to revise the TDS returns for all the quarters with the Correct PAN no and then later Form 26AS will have the TDS credit. Later you can file ITR and claim refund.


Emplyer can use the "PANNOTAVBL" if PAN is not available or write "PANINVALID" for incorrect pan or write "PANAPPLIED" where application for PAN is made in the form 24Q/26Q