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Why does not Reliance hire Arvind Kejriwal?

Bada Mouth


Arvind Kejriwal claimed that Reliance is making huge profits on gas production in India. As per Arvind Kejriwal, the profit earned by Reliance is 8x the cost.

If the calculation of Arvind Kejriwal is correct and Reliance does not agree with his statement, why dont reliance hire him to implement the production as per his calculations?

Arvind Kejriwal is targeting the corporates, he think that they are doing it wrong. Why he did not take any action when he was CM in Delhi?

What stopped him taking the actions?

Coming back to the topic, Why Kejriwal attack someone personally without proof and than run away? We seen it in case of sheila Dixit, he claimed he had all supportings of proving her guilty but he never disclosed them and did not take any action after becoming CM.

Prakash mehta


As usual a lot of misinformation and rants arise due personal feud. Incredible as it is, some people will go to any extent to spread their political agenda while ignoring economic realities and policies. As a part of this personal political agenda he had directed the anti-corruption branch (ACB) of his government to register an FIR against Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) chairman Mukesh Ambani, petroleum minister Veerappa Moily, former petroleum minister Murli Deora and former director general of hydrocarbons VK Sibal for increasing the price of natural gas produced in India.

Kejriwal himself is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur and worked for the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) as a Joint Commissioner in the Income Tax Department. It is very much expected that he would be aware of core concept and logic behind gas pricing but it perhaps easier to be ignorant of them to expand his political agenda. A lot of his facetious argument is based on a convenient interpretation of the economic policies should be.