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Microsoft corp buys Nokia

Babulal Shiradana


Was it a planned conspiracy by Microsoft to acquire Nokia ?

Plan a full faltu UI, bring down the sales, force them to sell ??

can anyone help us find some answers to this buyout ?

Sagarika Pandey


As I'm not any expert for this business field so I can not guess the exact reason behind it but as per my opinion it seems that Noki has not any "faltu UI". Nokia since stick to use Windows as operating system and never shown any inclination towards other OS, I think it may be a reason behind the failure of Nokia over other mobile companies. Since android based phones have more flexibility to choose from endless applications, games and many more without paying any cost, it is more choiced phone over the windows based phones like Nokia. I guess it is the one of the main reason behind Nokia failure which resulted in sell to Microsoft.


CA Pulkit Sharma


I dont say that you are wrong. I read in a newspaper the Nokia CEO was an Ex-Microsoft excutive.

So something looks doubtful. Nokia was leader in Mobile market, and it dropped from number one position to 3rd position in India.


Cant say, but chances are there of it being a corporate game.