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Is Cold calling as a sales strategy really taking backseat?

Prakash mehta


After Bada mouth posted a fb discussion reagarding investment, thought of sharing one here but this one is really informative.

Thread: The latest business articles point out that Cold Calling is dead and Social Media is the way to go forward for sales. How much do you guys agree with this statement? Is Cold calling as a sales strategy really taking backseat?


Generation and Nurturing can be done by using Social Media, but Follow up should be done by calling right..that is what i think in my sales strategy...Can you please let me know what other players in industry are practicing in their sales pitches.

Social media of course beats cold calling - but only in segments who are online and social media savvy....there are millions who are still not engaging with content online and cold calling will remain the most efficient way to reach out to them...agree with you that for most sales processes ultimately a 1to1 interaction over phone may be necessary but that won't be cold calling if social media/content warms up the context for a call.

You touched upon a very valid point. Still a lot of industries are not internet savvy(let alone social media savvy) and for those businesses cold calling or even door-to-door selling still rules.

sure, 1-1 phone call is crucial but if u bump with prospects socially, it's not really a cold call then.

Cold calling still is an art. It can be old fashioned but still fetches max results when done the correct way.

I've found cold calling the fastest way to reach the clients I I can decide who I want to target and connect specifically with them....but its hard to scale cold calling without losing quality...hired cold callers don't share the same enthusiasm to actually CONNECT with the person but see it as selling / communicating a message.... For which content is better as quality is set for every viewer, and is mostly non-intrusive.

An art cant be sold for a million by every artist. That's why it is an art. We need to build such an eco system to curate that art. That's the whole point.

Cold calling is not effective if you are looking to build a brand. People are getting desensitized towards cold calling and non permission based marketing channels, not to mention the heavy fines imposed by regulatory authorities if they find you doing such activities. You want to stick to inbound marketing as part of sales funnel.

The skill set which goes in to inbound marketing or outbound / cold calls are pretty similar only the medium has changed. Here we are also looking @ changed medium from telephone to social media.

Any sort of marketing technique would depend on the product/service/domain and audience! Cold calling cant be completely ruled out though social media and networking options makes lead generation better! It has to be used in the right place to move towards prospect..and that you will learn with trail and error in the market yourself! goodluck!

I agree cold calling is still effective today. I can tell from my personal experience of calling up CXOs. The more effective way to do this is by emailing and then have a follow-up. All the people who say cold calling is dead do not have the right skills and most of the time lack that courage to pick up the phone and talk.

In my opinion, both cold calling and social media as lead generation strategies are not either-or. Agree that cold calling is def an art, social media is more scalable and has an inherent degree of trust. Both strategies need to be deployed however which one has greater ROI depends on industry.


Bada Mouth


Cold calling is still an live option and its not completely dead, still some time to test it.