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Why Sobha De looks so young even in late 60?

Bada Mouth


Have a look at this picture and try to get the age of this lady, the great SOBHA DE.

The young and refreshing Sobha De

I am sure you guessed the age at 30-45. But Sobha De is 66!!! Yes Sobha De was born on January 2, 1948. She looks too young compared to her age.

Sobha De looks younger and more beautiful than many mid 30 bollywood actresses.

If i have to rank the Indian writers, i will rate Shobha De as the most beautiful female writer of India.

She is the real beauty. Look at her hands, even they seem to not aged. Face is so cute and beautiful.

Which other Indian Writers you think can match the Sobha De in beauty department.

Prakash mehta


She is no doubt very beautiful writer!!! It seems she has defeated her age, effects of ageing seem to failed on her.

But i doubt whether its natural. BOTOX is a technic used to tight the skin.

I doubt Sobha De used it.


Bada Mouth


Even i agree, she is a supporter of Botox and think she is using it. But, again she looks so young. I have not seen her personally to tell you whether its Botox, Makeup or Photoshop.