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Issues in Excel file provided by Karnataka Vat department to upload Sales and Purchase

CA Pulkit Sharma


Karnataka Government have provided the excel file to upload sales and purchase for the month. This requirement is newly implemented and one need to upload the sales and purchase details from the month of May 2014 if sales were more than 50 Lakhs in previous year or current year.

One can use Excel utitlity provided by KVAT department or use other softwares like tally. The excel file provided by department is not perfectly coded and lot of bugs for example:

Its not possible to change the format of dates. They have given number format and you can not change within file.

Also as per the FAQS provided by VAT department, if certain bills have 0 values one can fill the 0 in amount column. But if you fill 0 in tax column or all columns of file, it shows the error.

Department have extended the filing requirements by 100 days, i believe its due to improving the excel file and testing it completely beofore the file is again made available for public.

Department has not replace the current faulty file and its estimated that within 100 days it will correct all bugs and new files will be available.

Rahul Rai


Not only that excel file has problems. The other issue i found are:

  1. Though you can revise the uplaoded sales and purchases but its not active on the site.
  2. You can not revise the sales and purchase uploaded.
  3. Another thing is if you have uploaded the purchases, you can not upload debit notes. It shows error that file is already uploaded.
  4. After enquiring with Vat department, i was told that this issue will be solved within the time permitted and we can revise these details later.
  5. Amazing part is that all these things are correctly happening in softwares like tally, with tally you can upload the details without any bug.

It seems deparment has issued the wrong file intentionally to boost the sale of tally add ons.