Terms and conditions

Terms to Use

Remain professional while using the site. We don't allow advertising yourself or products on site. Advertising or marketing should be restricted to classified posts.

Rights on the Content:

Users have the rights on their content. Site may make use of contents for promotion of website, or share the content on any other media for the purpose of marketing. Website has the equal rights on the content.

Rights of Users:

Users are allowed to discuss, contribute, and market their content.
Users are allowed to advertise their business or services on classified portal.
Users are allowed to market the contents, whether the content is published in forum or classifieds.
Users have the right on content generated by them on site. However the contents are mutually owned by site and users of TIKshare.
A member of TIKshare can use contents for his personal benefits except publication on any online media.
Contents posted on classified are the property of website and users do not have any right on this data.

Terms to use website:

Users shall adhere to strict policy of ZERO SPAM.
Users are not allowed to copy and paste contents of other websites.
Discussions in forum should be related to topics listed.
Replies to forum discussion should be directly related to the question or discussion.
Website has all rights to edit or delete the questions, discussions and articles.
Website may send promotional letters, emails, SMS to users.
Website may monetize the contents without permission of users.
We take all care to delete the reported spam posts, however sometime it may take longer to identify and delete the spam posts.
Users are advised to be alert and site does not take responsibility for any fraud, whether the fraud is by fellow users or advertisements displayed on the website.
Your use of the Site is conducted electronically and you agree that site may communicate with you electronically for all aspects of your use of the Site, including sending you electronic notices. If you do not wish to deal electronically, do not use this Site. Delivery of electronic notices is not infallible, so you agree to contact site if you need information about the Site. You agree to keep all records relating to your use of the Site and to print or make an electronic copy of this Agreement and any disclosures provided on the Site. Except as prohibited by law, you waive any law requiring different communication methods in connection with your use of this site tikshare.com reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deliver notices and disclosures by other means such as postal mail.

Terms to use classifieds application on website:

Ads posted should be original and unique. The text of ad should be published elsewhere. Copying and pasting the ads already posted on other classified websites are not allowed.
Site has all rights to edit, delete or reject the ads.
Ad posted on site will be live within 24 hours; however it may take longer depending on verification of advertisement.
Site may send promotional mails to users.
Advertisements posted may be marketed by site.
Site may monetize the contents and data provided by users.

Rights to Block users

Site has all the rights to block the users who are reported of spreading spam on the site. Membership will be restored only if user is proved free of accusation. By using this site, you agree to our terms to use the site. TIKshare for the benefit of users, investors, legal requirement has all the rights to change the terms from time to time.